Common Outlook Express Email Problems

The Outlook Express Email client is very popular software that many users around the globe use to manage their everyday email and activities. Microsoft first introduced this email client in the 90s and it has been helping users send and receive email as well as many other tasks ever since. However, as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” and Microsoft no longer supports and updates Outlook Express. In fact, if you use Outlook Express and upgrade to a newer PC that has Windows 8 or Windows 10, then chances are you will need to change the way you handle email.

If you are still using an older Windows model computer and still plan to use Outlook Express Email for the foreseeable future, then you may want to prepare yourself a bit and make sure you are ready to handle any errors or problems that occur. Any time a manufacturer ends support and updates for hardware or software it presents a certain set of issues for users to contend with.

Outlook Express Problems and Errors

First, when software no longer receives updates, that means it is not receiving any security updates. Email is a primary target for hackers and viruses, spyware or malware which makes Outlook Express a prime target and a target that is not current with protection against the latest threats. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop using it, but there are additional security measures you should have in place to compensate for the lack of support from Microsoft.

The solutions to this security issue vary widely depending on what type of computer you own, what type of network you use to connect to the internet and the other software that is active on your PC. It is important to make sure your internet connection is properly protected, the ports your email client uses are secure and any attachments coming in or going out via email do not contain harmful viruses or malware.

There is a combination of settings within your PC that will need to be checked and possibly reconfigured such as the ports Outlook Express uses. In addition to possible changes within your settings, you may also need additional software to help protect certain parts of your PC and Outlook Express from threats.

While the security issue with Outlook Express mentioned above is very serious and should be handled with some type of urgency, there are other issues to be aware of as well. When software has not been updated for an extended period of time it tends to have a greater number of errors. Particularly if the computer it is on and the other software on the system are being updated regularly. These errors can be related to any number of items, but some are more common than other for Outlook Express. Below is a list of errors that Outlook Express is known to experience frequently.

Common Errors-Outlook Express

  • Image preview not functioning
  • Message cannot be displayed
  • Unable to open folders
  • Low disk space messages
  • Errors downloading email
  • Server error and time out messages
  • Unable to connect to the server
  • Buttons, toolbars or other features not functioning properly

The errors and messages above are just some of the reported problems Outlook Express can have. However, the list does represent some of the more common issues that users are likely to experience. If you experience a problem with any of the above errors then it is recommended you check your internet connection settings first and the current state of your computer’s security. There can be a number of settings or adjustments that are needed in each of these areas in order to ultimately fix the problem, but connectivity and security issues are two of the biggest causes for computer error. This at least gives you a place to begin your search in finding a solution. Should you see something with your internet connection or security software with settings that do not look right, then you will need to investigate further to find out if your Outlook Express error is connected to the issue.

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