Data Protection and Data Recovery

Protecting your data and the ability to recover your data if a serious error occurs is vital to safely operating your computer system and ensuring you have access to all your important files. As you begin to use a computer more, then chances are you will begin to accumulate more files that are important and you will need to store them in a safe place. These might be large collections of videos or music which would take a long time to replace if lost or they might be important financial records or personal information. Both types of data are important and it is imperative to have a system in place to handle the storage of your data. Not only should data be stored safely but it is also important to have a backup of the data as well. That way if something happens to the original source you can easily access and restore the data without any worries.

However, protecting your data and data recovery is sometimes a bit more complicated than it may originally appear. There are several elements involved and to properly protect your data all of the elements should be in place to ensure all of your data is completely protected and accessible.

Important Elements for Data Protection & Data Recovery

Encrypt Your Data

Having your data encrypted is almost a must these days regardless if the data is sitting on your hard drive or a backup system of some kind. Encrypting your data means if someone else tries to view your data without the appropriate key then the data will not be readable. There are several programs that can offer document, file and folder encryption as well as complete disk encryption. Completely encrypting the disk on your computer is recommended as it provides the most security. You do not have to remember to encrypt a particular file or folder as it is done automatically once you place the file on the disk. The process of encrypting a hard drive should be done with caution though as it can lead to problems if you are not careful. The last thing you want to do is make it impossible to read your own disk.

Choose a Backup Source for Data Recovery

Once you have your data encrypted you will want to choose a source of where to store a backup copy of your data. There are several options when it comes to this and you can choose an online storage method or even a physical device that is offline.

Online Options

Online options for data backup and recovery come in many different forms. There are paid services as well as some free services. Almost all services are limited in how much data you can store or will charge you according to the amount of data you store. This is why it is important to read the fine print before you sign up with any service even if they say the storage is unlimited. Another element that online storage offers is the ability to backup data automatically. You can normally use settings within your computer and the online service to initiate a backup process automatically at certain times. You can choose once a week or once a month, whatever you think is a reasonable timeframe for the amount of data you use normally. One thing to watch if you have automatic backup settings enabled is accumulating too many duplicate copies of data. This will add to the charges for the amount of data you are storing and potentially can make it confusing when it comes to data recovery. If you have many different sets of files that are not clearly marked, then ensuring you recover the most recent files can be a bit of a headache.

Offline Options

Offline options include USB sticks, portable hard drives and any physical device that can hold data. You can choose to backup your system to a portable drive of some sort given the drive is large enough to store the data, is compatible with your system and can provide enough security. At the very least the drive should be password protected, but it should really be encrypted as well.

Some people like the option of offline storage on a physical device as it allows easy access for data recovery and it does provide an element of control. However, this method of backup and data recovery is less secure than using an online storage method simply because it is relatively easy to lose USB stick or have a portable hard drive stolen. If you have your information encrypted then you shouldn’t have much to worry about, but this leaves you with no backup and you have to buy a new device. Some of it comes down to a user’s preference and what you are most comfortable with. However, the most important thing is you take action of some kind to ensure your data is protected. Of course, these are not the only steps involved in protecting your computer, your data and data recovery. With the many risks online the world of computer security has become more complex than ever before. However, for the average user it does not have to be complicated if you have the right help.

Data Backup and Data Recovery Support

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