Internet Security

Internet security involves many things as there is a wide range of threats that lurk on the internet that are always looking for a vulnerable computer or network. Social media, streaming content and the amazing range of services on the internet provide excellent options but also present a risk. Because so much content like videos, music and documents of all types are shared, it means a dangerous piece of software can infect dozens of computers in a very short amount of time.

In worst case scenarios, entire networks can be infected or dangerous with exposure to all kinds of virus programs, spyware and intrusion from hackers. Many years ago, it was primarily businesses that were targeted by hackers because access was not as easy. Therefore, hackers figured if it was going to be difficult to gain access to a system then they should target a system that will have a lot of data available.

However, in today’s world everything is much more “connected” and individuals and businesses are vulnerable to attacks. Simply installing a free piece of antimalware software on your computer is typically not enough to protection in this day and age. It takes a combination of different security software and several measures to ensure your computer is safe and your network is secure.

Get Valuable Internet Security and Software Information

AV Testing and ICSA Labs are internet security software testing companies that offer comprehensive reports about all types of software available. They publish test results at various times of the year for different types of virus, spyware, rootkit and malware software. Reviewing the information they have available about security software and internet security risks is a valuable tool that will help you deal with different types of security risks.Their published test results will also help you choose software that you use on your computer to provide protection. They measure software by various methods with one being how effective the protection is at preventing a user’s machine from being infected. Choosing your security software based on actual test results from a professional company will almost always lead to better results.

Use a Router

Have a home network they use to access the internet and keeping that network secure is just as important as keeping your desktop or laptop secure. A network has all kinds of vulnerabilities that can lead to hackers infiltrating your system and many types of unwanted access from outside sources.

If you do not have your network setup properly it is relatively easy for someone with even a basic level of knowledge to get access inside of your network and then inside your machine. They can even access your webcam and monitor exactly what you are doing in real time. Once they have that type of access it opens the door to all kinds of dangerous capabilities and they can even gain control of your entire computer.

Using a quality router offer a layer of protection against intrusion as the router acts as the access point to the outside internet instead of your computer. Additionally, many routers come with firewall software built-in which adds even greater protection. A router will help you control access to the internet both incoming and outgoing as well as offer you logs which you can review for signs of unauthorized access.

Network Settings

There are various network settings within your computer and your router which are very important. These settings control which ports are open and closed, the types of connections that are allowed and what kind of file sharing is allowed among other things.Exploring the settings available for your network is a very important step in taking internet security seriously. Many users do not realize that a simple checkmark next to the wrong box can open up a whole range of dangers from the outside internet world and allow access to your system. Depending on your needs and how you use your computer will prompt a need for the settings of your network to be configured in a certain way. Every user is a little different and uses different programs, and therefore, will require different settings to allow or block services.

Review Your System Logs

Most computers have software that keeps a record of system logs. Within these logs are all kinds of information about your computer and its activities. You can review who has logged into your computer, what programs are running and what programs are responsible for certain processes that are running. Reviewing your system logs is an important item that should be done on some type of regular basis. It will allow you to find potential problems before they become serious and will let you know if someone is accessing your system without your knowledge.

The only down side of some logging systems is they can sometimes be difficult to read and even confusing. If you are using your log system for the first time, then you will likely need to study up a bit on what certain terms mean and how logs should be interpreted. Their meanings can be very different from what you might assume normally. If you do not know how to interpret the logs then they will most likely be of very little value and probably will just confuse most users.

Ensuring your computer and network is completely secure can be a big task with many different aspects involved. If you are unsure of exactly what you are doing when it comes to changing settings and working with security software, it can be very damaging to your system. If you need help, our expert computer technicians are always available to offer you quality service at a very reasonable price.