Mac Tech Support

Every user has a preference for what type of computer they enjoy using the most. For some it may be a Windows based system, for others a Mac and some may even choose a Linux based computer. However, regardless of the type of system there is one thing for sure, we all need quality tech support. Finding quality Mac tech support might be more difficult than one would think but it can be challenging. Not as many tech support firms offer support for Mac systems and finding support for an individual user instead of a business is even more difficult. Many Mac tech support firms only want to do deal with big businesses that have large budgets, so even though they could help individual users they choose not to offer their services.

Many years ago this might have been less of a problem simply because there were fewer mac users. However, over time the number of Apple enthusiasts has grown and become a significant part of the market. Additionally, while Mac has a reputation for having fewer problems than Windows does, they still come with their own issues and users have to find a way to fix their machines just like everyone else.

Common Mac Tech Support Issues

Kernel Panic

Kernel panic is something that windows users do not have to worry about and only occurs on Mac computers and Linux based systems. If you have an incompatible piece of software or settings that are creating an issue with the system, it can make your system begin to operate in a very unpredictable fashion. You may get a message asking you to restart your computer and it may even be in different languages or a weird variation you have not seen before. If you look at your system logs and see there is a message that is repeated many times over and over again within seconds, then your machine is probably experiencing kernel panic. Diagnosing kernel panic can be difficult at times because you have to determine exactly what program or setting is causing the issue and this is not always easy to figure out.

Normally, starting with looking at programs you have recently installed or setting that you have changed is usually the best method for trying to determine what the problem is. There are several other fixes available but they require some technical knowledge and know-how in order to work through the various files and troubleshooting techniques required. If you are not experienced with fixing these types of issues then it is best left to a professional because you can damage your system by doing the wrong thing.

DNS Problems

If you are using Safari as your web browser, you may sometimes get error messages that say Safari cannot resolve DNS or state there has been a “404 error”. These basically mean your system could not navigate to and find the address you entered into your browser. There can be many reasons for this but many times it is because of the settings within Safari for how it is supposed to resolve DNS and translate IP addresses. You will need to look at the DNS setting within Safari and determine if they are properly set up. Some use a particular service or server to resolve DNS and other users let their internal systems handle it. Depending on your set up you will need to correct the settings and then many times clear your cache before Safari will operate properly again.

Strange Error Messages and Malfunctions

If you begin to receive strange error messages that you have not seen before and your computer is misbehaving, then it can be a sign that your Mac is infected with some type of virus or malware. Malware can embed itself deep within the files of your Mac computer and begin to make changes that you are not aware of. The changes can damage your system and begin to create internal errors and affect the performance of your machine

If you are experiencing strange error messages and behavior then you should immediately run a scan of your entire system with antivirus software to see if it finds anything. If it does not, then it is also a good idea to scan your system with a web-based scanner that can detect malware or rootkits. Many times, a web based scanner will find infections that your local software cannot because the software on your local system has already been infected with the virus.

If a scan of your system does identify an infection, then you will need to take various steps to ensure your Mac is cleaned completely. Even if the software you used to find the virus is capable of removing it as well, that does not always mean all remnants of the virus is gone. You may even have to use Mac tech support if you are not familiar with how to manually review files, your operating system and registry to find left over pieces of virus software. It is important that all pieces of the virus are removed or it can spread itself to other parts of your system and cause even more serious damage.

You should never rely on a single piece of software to secure your Mac. There are many different types of software and many different types of dangers on the internet. Using a combination of protection software and knowing the steps involved to manually review your system is always a good idea.

Good Mac tech support can be hard to find which is why we offer quality tech support for individual users at affordable prices. We know how frustrating it is to have a computer that is not working properly and we also know users need quality support without creating a big bill.