Remote Computer Support and Malware Removal

The continued advancements in technology are truly amazing and bring products that offer incredible convenience to our lives. However, with the all the wonderful things technology offers, it also comes with its own set of issues as well. Faster computers, software with increased capabilities and networks that offer complete mobility provide access to data and data sharing like never before. At the same time, they offer opportunity to those with bad intentions and looking to do harm, be it a software program or a hacker. The entire subject of computer and internet security can be a bit overwhelming sometimes as there are so many different types of threats users need to be careful of. Virus infections, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and an entire list of dangers are actively and passively used to cause damage and steal sensitive personal information.

Are You Vulnerable To Malware?

Malware is a general term that is used to describe any type of program that is malicious and potentially dangerous should users come into contact with it. While there are many good software programs available that can help users protect their machines, hackers and online crime operations are constantly finding new ways to exploit loopholes and small vulnerabilities. It is a constant battle that consumers and businesses in the market of providing online protection have to fight and stay vigilant about. To truly protect yourself from malware threats simply having an antivirus software program and a firewall is just not enough these days. There are several layers of protection every user should have even if they only use the internet occasionally.The recommended layers of protection include software of various types, certain settings that need proper configuration, network security settings and precautions as well as a user actively paying attention to the behavior of their computer. If they notice a change in the way their computer operates but are not able to identify a reason for the change, then they need to have an experienced professional complete an assessment sooner rather than later.

Recommended Layers of Computer Security

  1. Antivirus Software
  2. Spyware Software
  3. Rootkit Scanner
  4. Email/Document/Attachment Malware Scanner
  5. Firewall
  6. Router with Firewall
  7. VPN or Proxy Service
  8. Appropriate Network and Internet Connection Settings
  9. Appropriate Computer Settings (Sharing/Open Ports)

The recommended layers of security listed above are all important factors for keeping your machine healthy, your private data safe and protecting yourself from online dangers of all types. In addition to implementing each layer, you must also ensure the settings for each layer are correct and any software is properly configured to work together and with your computer.

Implementing Protection

There are many different versions of antivirus software available and for the purposes of this article it would take too long to discuss all the details of how to choose the right protection. However, we suggest you use a well-known name brand that has been in the antivirus software market for at least five years. Additionally, their software should be included in at least a couple of the big annual tests and compared with other software options on the market. This will give you an effective gauge of its strong points, weak points and how it measures up to the competition.

However, each piece of software has its own settings that need to be configured properly. These can range all the way from how many databases it uses to scan for infections to how sensitive you want the software to be towards potential threats as well as many others.

Working alongside your antivirus software you should have spyware protection software, a rootkit scanner and software that scans documents and email attachments for threats. It is important to ensure all of these programs are configured to work together and not against each other.

If you pair the wrong security software together, it can have severe negative effects on the performance of your computer and trigger false positives. Security software that is not compatible becomes increasingly problematic over time as each piece of software fights for control over the other.

You should also have a personal firewall installed on your machine and use a router with a built-in firewall as your access point to the internet. For additional security using a VPN or proxy to further increase security and protect your personal information is highly recommended.

On top of everything above, it is important to ensure your computer settings are properly configured and do not leave an open gateway or port that can easily allow access to your machine from an outside source. There are settings within your machine relating to ports and sharing permissions that control a portion of this and your network settings play a factor as well.

Affordable Remote Support When You Need It Most

This may seem a bit extreme to many users, but they are probably not aware of just how much danger there really is on the internet. Of course, these recommendations will go a long way in helping you stay clear of malware problems but if you are already infected, it can be very difficult to remove the malware. Many times, user machines have been infected for months without them even realizing it or they think they removed the malware, but it is still hidden deep within the system files.

Regardless if you are currently battling a malware issue or perhaps setting up a computer for the first time and want to protect yourself, having the help of true professional can make a tremendous difference. We offer affordable remote support for malware removal services and setting up computers with the proper security configuration. Our professional team of expert security technicians can help you secure your computer, remove malware from an infected machine or simply answer your security related questions. Don’t risk your private information becoming vulnerable to online threats. It only takes a one- time occurrence to create a very big and often expensive problem.