Microsoft Office Installation

Microsoft Office is an excellent suite of software that provides tremendous capabilities to users who need word processing software, spreadsheets, the ability to create presentations and a wide range of other functions that are important.

There can be many instances where you may need to install Office or reinstall Office and this can be more challenging at times than one may think. Office can be a bit sensitive and depending on how your system is set up, other software present and the type of operating system you have you might experience a few problems. While Office is an excellent program it is not perfect and does have its problems just like any piece of software. 

Sometimes, the most frustrating part of Microsoft Office Installation is downloading the installer from Microsoft themselves. Microsoft has become very protective of their software and they make it difficult for even legitimate users that have purchased the product to obtain additional copies and to download the program again.

This is obviously an attempt to avoid losing money to those who pirate their programs and participate in distributing the Office software without a license fee that is paid to Microsoft. However, it would be nice if they could find a user-friendly way of providing customers the ability to download the software again after their initial purchase

Common Microsoft Office Installation Problems

Operating System Incompatible

While trying to install Microsoft Office some users can get a message that says “incompatible operating system” or some form of that. If you are working on a Linux or Mac machine then this message would be understandable but many users that are using regular Windows based computers get this message as well. This is one of the more complex issues to solve because many times this means your system may have a corrupt registry. If your registry is corrupt and creating a large enough issue that Microsoft cannot identify your system then it is indeed significant.

This is not a matter for inexperienced users or those that do not have experience with working on a registry and repairing file structures. Your registry contains many important files and files that support the functions of your operating system. If you delete the wrong file or make changes that are not correct, then you can end up with a computer that will not function or even boot. It is normally best to seek the help of a professional if you receive this error and do not try to force the installation of Office until you have fixed the problem within your registry.

Product License Key Error Issues

When you are trying to download the appropriate installer for your Microsoft Office program you will be asked for your product license key. This is the twenty-five digit code you received when you first purchase the product and it normally comes on a separate card with the documentation of your computer. Some users get an error message that states their product key is part of an enterprise package and they must contact Microsoft. Basically meaning you are locked out of access to your office product without spending hours on the phone finding the right person that will help you.

However, this error message is sometimes a glitch in the Microsoft system and it is best to make several attempts at entering your product license key to see if the system will ultimately accept it. Some users have had to enter their product many times before the system would accept it. Remember to always keep your product key in a safe place and somewhere you can easily find it. If you lose your key it can be difficult if not impossible to find again.

Different Office Version Already Installed

While trying to successfully navigate the Microsoft Office Installation process, you may get an error message that says “another version of Office is already installed” and it will not allow you to install the new version. This can happen if you have remnants of an old Office installation still on your system and possibly in your registry. The new software finds those leftover pieces and it creates an installation error.

If you get this message then you have to find the old pieces of office that are remaining on your computer and get rid of them. Without doing this, you will not be able to install the new program. This can be a little tricky to fix because it may involve working with your registry files. As stated above, if you are not experienced with working in your registry it can be very dangerous and damage your system. There are software programs that can help you remove all remnants of a program, but you should be selective in which program you use.

Just like you can cause damage to your system by performing the wrong action within your registry so can a piece of software that is not familiar with your system and may not be a quality piece of software to beg in with.

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