Looking for Microsoft Office 2003-2007 Support and Help?

Computer users all around the world have been utilizing the Microsoft Office programs since the late 1980’s when the office suite was first introduced. Office has without question been the most popular and widely used office suite for the last 25 years without experiencing any real threat of losing significant market share to its competitors.

Other software providers do offer programs that allow similar functionality to MS Office such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and LibreOffice. When these programs were first offered on the market they contained a fair amount of “glitches” and errors while also experiencing frequent problems with cross-platform compatibility. However, in recent years they have made significant improvements and are starting to become a real and viable alternative for those looking to migrate away from Microsoft’s popular office suite.

Microsoft Office Software Still at the Top for Now

While a few competitors have managed to gain a larger share of the office suite user market in recent years, Microsoft Office is still number one in the sector and does not look like it will be giving up its title anytime soon.

For many users, once they become comfortable with a particular piece of software, they stick with it. Especially a core piece of software such as an office suite that provides many functions you may use every day and several times a day. If someone has been using Office 2003-2007 or a newer version, it takes a lot to get them to move to a new office suite solution.

Office 2003-2007 Support

If users have been using a particular version of MS Office for several years, they have probably become accustomed to the appearance of their menus, rely on certain functions to perform in a certain way and have all of their settings easily accessible. This is exactly why many people continue to use older versions of Office and are hesitant to make a switch.

Office 2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft, meaning it does not receive system or security updates anymore. The 2007 version still receives extended support and this will continue into 2017. There is also another major difference between the 2003 and 2007 versions and an important one.

Beginning with the Office 2007 version, Microsoft changed the formatting of files to XML files. XML files offer greater flexibility and are easier to use with other platforms outside of MS Office. While the 2003 version still has some compatibility with newer versions of Office and other programs such as LibreOffice and Google Docs, you will most likely experience more problems and errors when trying to use the 2003 file types with other programs.

Comparison of Office 2003-2007 Support and Compatibility

Much of the time you can overcome compatibility issues you experience with these programs but you may lose certain elements within a document’s formatting or you may be unable to perform certain functions.

MS Office 2007

MS Office 2003

XML File Format

Word, Excel or PowerPoint 97-2003

Offers “Compatibility Mode” when working with newer versions of MS Office

Does not offer “Compatibility Mode”

Offers greater compatibility within programs outside of MS Office

Prone to more compatibility issues

Extended Support Until 2017

Main and Extended Support Has Expired

For the most part, Office 2007 is still compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP through Windows 10. As long as you ensure the installation is properly completed, maintain current system updates and know how to turn compatibility mode on and off, then you should not have a huge issue outside of the normal software errors that can occur from time to time.

However, continuing to use MS Office 2003 might be a bit more difficult as it is not compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating systems. While it will still function fine on Windows 7 and older machines, anytime you start mixing software and operating systems that are dated and no longer supported, get ready for issues.

You certainly do not have to upgrade to the absolute latest and most cutting-edge program available, such as the 2016 version of Microsoft Office 365. However, it might be time to consider making a change and upgrading to at least Office 2007.

Some people may not be aware, but there are certain capabilities within Office and with third party software that can make different versions of MS Office look and feel very much the same. This is something that can be accomplished for very little cost and is relatively easy to implement.

Regardless of which version of MS Office you end up choosing to use, you will quickly find the software is not perfect and does have problems at times. Even if you have properly installed your chosen version of Office 2003 or 2007 and you are using it on a PC that is compatible, it will still have errors. This means you either need to fix the errors yourself or use a remote computer support service like ours.

We offer a range of support services for individual users and have structured our pricing to be affordable for home users that do not have a large budget. Out technicians are very experienced with providing Microsoft Office 2003-2007 support and can ensure your version of office is properly configured for your computer.

Not only will they make sure your Office programs are working properly but they can also help with online security, connectivity issues and almost any other type of computer problem you have. If you need Office 2003-2007 support that is professional and affordable, then contact us today and let us make it easy for you. We will have you updated and operational quickly while also providing you with any important information you might need to consider for long-term PC compatibility and stability.