Online Backups

Protecting your data and ensuring you have access to your files is a vital part of owning a computer. Storing information locally on your laptop or desktop may be convenient and to be practical necessary, but an efficient method of backing up this data is a must. However, if you haven’t taken the time to fully explore the options for backing up your PC, you might be surprised at the number of options that are available. Not only are there many different companies that offer backup services, there are multiple methods, security protocols and types of backup systems available. Needless to say, it can become quite confusing even for experienced users.

There are several good reasons for making sure you have a good quality backup system and it shouldn’t take any more than just a single reason to be convinced. After all, it only takes one time something fails and all of your important data can be lost.

Top Reasons for an Online Backup System

Unknown Desktop or Laptop Failure

It is not very uncommon for a desktop or laptop to have a fatal error or failure of some sort. This can happen even with new computers and sometimes without an identifiable reason. However, if all of the sudden you are not able to log into your computer then you will have lost all access to your files.

Damaged Hard Drive

A hard drive can be damaged and still operate for a long period of time. If this is the case, you may not know there is an issue with the drive and continue to operate your PC as if nothing is wrong. That is until the drive fails completely. Once that happens the drive may be so damaged that your data is not recoverable or at the very least extremely difficult to recover. While it may be more common for older computers to have damaged hard drives, new computers can have hard drives that are damaged or corrupted as well.

Virus and Malware File Corruption

Virus and malware can infect your computer and corrupt specific files and folders as well. If your PC becomes infected with a virus then your files may become damaged to a point they are longer readable. The damage from malware and virus programs can be widespread and always puts your data at risk.

Backup Operating System

Backing up your personal files is talked about quite a bit in connection with online backups, but what about your operating system files? Obviously, it is nice to have access to your personal files but having a backup of your operating system can mean making your computer operational again. If you have a type of bad virus infection or a serious fatal computer error, a backup of your operating system can allow you to reconfigure your PC and get a working system back up and running quickly if needed.

Things to Know About Online Backups

While many online backups are useful there can be some very big differences in services and options you should know about before signing up. Like most other services details matter and online backups are no different.

Charges for Data

How companies charge for data depends on the various plans they make available but there are very few if any companies that offer unlimited storage space. Therefore, your charges will be based upon how much data you have stored. If you are not paying attention to how much data is building up in your account, this can lead to big charges, especially if you are using an automatic backup process. You need to monitor the amount of data you have stored and remove old copies of data you do not need any longer. There also may be some settings that allow you to do this automatically, which is ideal. However, it depends on what type of system you are using and what software is facilitating the backup process.

Check the Security Protocols of the Backup Service

Knowing what security measures a backup company has in place and what type of encryption they use is important in keeping your data secure. Whatever online backup system you choose, they should have several ways of securing your data and for making it available quickly should you need it. Keep in mind, securing your data is one element of an online backup, but the other element that is just as important is the ability to access your data quickly.

Additionally, the level of encryption used to secure your data is a very important factor, not all encryption is equal. Your chosen online backup system should meet the current industry standards and not be using a low-level old standard such as 128-bit encryption.

Physical Storage

The backup service may be available online for you, but the company has to store the data on servers somewhere, which means they have a physical space with servers. Just like your data is subject to risks online, it can also be compromised at its physical location. Therefore, it is important to know how and where the company stores your data along with what security is in place to keep the location safe.

Those are just a few of the many issues to be concerned with when considering using online backups. If you do not fully understand all of the issues and terminology mentioned above then you may want to employ the help of a professional remote computer support service to help guide you in your selection of backup service. Out expert technicians can discuss all the major points of concern with online backups and ensure you make a good decision that keeps your data safe and available. Do not hesitate to contact us when and if you need help with online backups or any other type of computer problem.