Printer Errors, Problems and Help

Setting up a new printer or dealing with random printer errors can be extremely frustrating. Even an experienced computer user can have problems configuring a printer as it is not a task that is required every day and different makes and models of printers have different requirements. Of course, printer errors always seem to happen when it is very late in the evening and you are rushing to finish a project for the next morning!

 If you happen to have a full staff of IT experts on hand then the situation is easily handled. However, if you are an average home user like most of us, then your options for finding a solution can be somewhat limited. Many times you can be left to search around on the internet hoping to find anything that might help fix the printer problem. Most of the time, this results in high levels of frustration and many hours of trial and error that may or may not fix the issue.

Adding to the complexity of printer problems is the fact that each make, model and series of printer is either a lot or a little different. This means if you experience the same type of error today that you did three weeks ago, if you are using a different printer then the solution may be totally different from what fixed the problem the last time.

Common Printer Errors and Problems

Print function stops working without warning/error messages

This is actually a very common problem that occurs very frequently. If you click on the button that is supposed to initiate a printing job and nothing happens, then an error has occurred in the system somewhere. The biggest challenge with this error is the problem can originate from so many different sources. It can be something as simple as a loose cable or bad connector that won’t allow communication between the computer and printer, or it is causing the communication to happen on an intermittent basis which breaks up the commands.

If the problem is not coming from a bad connection, then it could be a faulty driver or corrupted software. Drivers may need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled or the entire printer software package including drivers may need to be reinstalled again. If all appears to be clear in this area then you will need to check pending print jobs, your cache, the mouse connection and security settings to see if anything appears out of the ordinary.

 If you do find anything out of the ordinary then you may have to fix that issue first, and then go back to reinstalling or clearing the printer.

Wi-Fi connected printer errors

Printers that are Wi-Fi capable can have a wide range of errors because their Wi-Fi capability usually means they can offer expanded features such as remote printing, mobile printing and other conveniences. While this is certainly a wonderful thing when they are working properly, if there is an issue it can become complicated very quickly. The problems can range from a simple slow internet connection to bad Wi-Fi cards and a long list of compatibility issues among different components of your computer, mobile device and the printer.

If you have a printing problem with a Wi-Fi capable printer the first thing to check is your internet connection to ensure it is operating properly. If everything appears to be normal with your connection, then the list of areas to check for potential problems becomes very large.

Printing is very slow and delayed

If a lot of time passes between the time you issue the print command and when your printer begins the print job then there is some type of communication error or slow communication at least. This means a signal is weak or there is a bad connection for data moving back and forth between the printer and the computer.

Print job stops and dummy lights illuminate

Sometimes a printing job will initiate and begin to print, then abruptly halts halfway through with various lights on the printer turning on. Many times lights that are illuminated on the control panel of the printer do not have anything to do with the real problem. This can happen due to low ink or toner, running out of paper, loose cable, bad internet connection, communication error and many other types of internal printer issues.As you can probably tell there are many different types of problems that can occur with your printer and the pathways to finding a solution are not exactly easy. It is not uncommon for the average user to spend several hours trying to fix even the simpler printer errors that do not require reinstalling software of any kind.

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