Pros and Cons of Remote IT Support

IT support has become a very important service that almost everyone now needs. It wasn’t all that long ago that IT support or remote IT support services were used primarily by large companies and business users. However, with the advancements in technology and most people’s expanded use of the internet for all types of activities, it is now almost a requirement for any computer user. Whether your device of choice is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop machine they can all have problems and all of them function as complete computer systems for the most part nowadays.

This means you need to find a way to resolve a wide range of computer related errors such as connectivity issues, software problems and performance issues. Of course, if you happen to be an expert in computers then you can service your devices yourself, however, for most of us, we need help from someone that is skilled and knowledgeable about our particular device and operating system of choice.

To obtain IT support assistance you basically have a few choices do it yourself (DIY), remote IT support services or onsite IT support services.

#3 DIY-Do It Yourself

We won’t spend much time on this option because it by far the least practical and just not possible for most people. Unless you want to spend your free time taking computer repair classes and obtaining certifications just to repair your own devices then obviously it does not make sense. Additionally, trying to repair your computer issues on your own without proper training and knowing exactly what you are doing can create much bigger problems and is not recommended.

#2 Onsite IT Support

Onsite IT support services can certainly be useful as it gives you a technician or team of trained technicians that are physically present or within a short distance. They can speak with you in person about your computer problems and sit with you while you show them the various issues you have been encountering with your system.

Advantages of Onsite IT Support

Face to Face Assistance

Everyone is a little different and has different preferences in the way they approach problems. Some people just prefer to deal with others face to face as opposed to over the phone, via email or using an internet meeting software option of some type. While this is probably becoming much less of an issue with each passing year, if you prefer getting assistance on an in-person basis then Onsite IT support does offer that advantage.

Disadvantages of Onsite IT Support


While it might be nice to meet with a PC technician face to face there is a cost involved. A service that provides onsite support needs to charge enough to cover the time it takes for a technician to be onsite all the time or to travel to and be onsite when needed. This means there is a built-in cost involved with onsite IT support. Not only will you be paying for the expertise and knowledge of the technician to solve your PC issue but you will also be paying for their physical presence as well. In some cases, this can add up to a relatively large amount on an hourly or per visit basis.

While it might be easy for large companies and corporations to handle a large IT support bill at the end of the month, for individual users or small operations this can be a much bigger issue. Individuals and smaller operations tend to look for the best overall value for their money.


Because you have to pay more for what is essentially the same service you receive less “bang for your buck” or less value. Part of what makes a service or product excellent is how much overall value it delivers. If you are paying more for the same overall services received and not really gaining anything of significance by a technicians physical presence, then the value of onsite support is less than what we feel is the best option.

#1 Remote IT Support

Remote IT support offers the most flexible, cost efficient and highest value support services available. There can be a wide variety of structures for remote IT support services but it is by far the friendliest and most effective option for individual users and small businesses. Remote IT support is not necessarily a new service but until recently there were not very many options for individual users that were reasonable in cost. As a matter of fact, the options are still limited for quality service at reasonable rates but a few are available.

Advantages of Remote IT Support

Fast Service

With remote IT support, you do not have to wait for a technician to arrive at your location or schedule an appointment. Technicians are readily available at any time of the day or night to assist you with your computer problem.

Flexible Service

Remote IT support offers flexible assistance with a wide array of services that you can choose individually, as a package or on a low-cost ongoing basis. Because the service does not have to arrange for a technician travel to your physical location it allows them to offer a more flexible set of terms, rates and service options.


The cost is much lower in most cases with remote IT support options compared to DIY or onsite IT services. Technicians can assist you through various screen sharing programs, internet meeting software, via email, conferencing options and over the telephone. Because they can offer assistance through these efficient methods not only does it deliver faster and higher quality client service, it also helps to keep the cost lower compared to other less efficient options.

Expertise and Teamwork

Using a remote IT support service allows the service to utilize the skills and knowledge of more than one team member at a time. If one member does not know the answer or is struggling with a certain portion of your issue then they can easily get another member of the team involved who may be able to help. With an onsite service, this may be possible but it is much more difficult to do and cannot be done near as quickly. Additionally, you would have to shoulder the cost for two technicians onsite where with a remote support service the cost would remain the same.


For the reasons described above, remote IT support offers customers an excellent choice and a great overall value for obtaining assistance with their computer related issues. Remote support allows quick, cost effective and professional help with the click of a mouse and at reasonable rates for small operations and individuals alike.

We designed our remote PC services to offer the best level of service and the lowest rates possible to smaller operations and individuals who needed a viable option. Until recently, it has been difficult for individuals to afford and obtain quality remote IT support at a level and cost that made it possible to use a consistent basis. Our professional technicians are trained in a wide range of computer issues from malware and virus removal to software issues and even general maintenance. If you need high quality, professional remote IT support with creating a large bill, then please contact us and let us show you how easy it is to use our service.