Remote Computer Support Options

Even for those of us who have a little knowledge about computers, trying to fix common everyday problems that can occur out of nowhere can be very frustrating. This is especially true for average individual users who don’t have the big budgets of large corporations. Most businesses can afford to have computer technicians available at all times to assist with any issues that arise.

But what about average home PC users who are trying to set up a printer, get their email to work properly or trying to figure out why their computer is behaving a certain way? The truth is their options are very limited and many times the options available can be quite frustrating.

Help From the Computer Manufacturer?

If they have a problem with their Dell laptop and contact Dell for help, sometimes they find out the problem is really within their Intel Wi-Fi card. Guess what? Now they have to contact Intel instead of Dell and begin the process all over again. Depending on the exact nature of the problem this can mean many hours of wasted time and effort simply trying to track down the right department or company that can offer them assistance with the situation. Of course, if you happen to take a look at many of the online forums and blogs available, you will quickly find out even if you can find the right department they often do not offer much in the way of help. Their staff members are sometimes inexperienced and deal with a huge volume of calls and emails, which can mean they are interested in getting you off the phone as quick as possible.

Forums and Blogs

There is no question a large number of forums and blogs exist that deal with computer related information and problems in various forms. Some of these sites can be very helpful if you know exactly what you are looking for and you can understand what the people on the blog or forum are actually talking about. Most of the members of these sites are very tech savvy, so when they answer questions about a computer problem they tend to use a lot of terminology that is totally foreign to most people. Additionally, it can be quite challenging to find a section or post that properly matches the issue you are having. The topic might be very similar to your problem, but even one small difference in configuration or software and the solution required to solve your issue can be totally different. Not to mention each site you visit has a different layout and navigation so it may require quite a bit of time to ultimately find what you are looking for.

Refer to the Original Instructions or Manual?

If you happen to be very organized and have a great memory then perhaps you have saved the original instructions or manual that came with your device when you first purchased it. However, this is probably not the case for most people and would apply to a very small percentage of users. In fact, you have purchased a computer recently then you know most of them no longer even come with manuals or instructions.

It’s true most of them will have some type of manual available online, but you will have to search for it, find it and then hope it contains an answer to your problem. Most PC manuals in recent years either do not have troubleshooting sections included or if they do it is very limited.

Remote Computer Support Services

Many people don’t realize it, but remote computer support service for individual users is available. Many support services are geared towards big business and tend to be out of the budget range for individuals. However, our remote support service was set up with the needs of individual users as our primary focus. We understand how frustrating it can be finding a solution to your computer problems.

Choosing a remote computer support service that is structured for individual users is very important because each user requires very specific assistance. Remote support designed for individuals ensures the cost is affordable, the support technicians know how to communicate in simple terms that make sense and the support service is prepared to handle a wide variety of problems.

Obviously, home users can have a number of different configurations that include different makes and models of computer, printers, software and other devices. This means it is imperative for the staff to be well trained and know how to solve problems with a variety of applications.

We offer a wide range of remote support services via telephone, email or utilizing live chat software. We can even remotely connect to your PC to show you exactly what we are looking at so the next time you have a problem you are better prepared to deal with it.

Common Problems We Can Help Solve

  • Internet connection problems
  • Slow internet speeds or intermittent connections
  • Printer and scanner troubleshooting or setup assistance
  • Software errors and updates
  • Security related issues
  • Virus, spyware and malware problems
  • Email and email client application problems and errors

Problems with your email or internet connection can quickly become very frustrating and time-consuming. We can help you quickly and easily solve your connection problems or email errors at a minimal cost and perhaps more important a minimal amount of time and frustration.

Software and Hardware We Can Help Fix

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Windows OS
  • Security Software
  • Outlook Email Issues
  • Printer Hardware and Software
  • Scanner Hardware and Software
  • Device Setup and Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Unknown Errors

If you need help with a major or minor computer problem do not hesitate to contact us. Our services are designed to be affordable and we specialize in custom solutions for individual users who need help with software, hardware or email problems.