Computer Support & Slow Computer Problems

We live in a world of convenience and most of us have gotten rather accustomed to instant gratification in one form or another in many daily tasks we need to complete. Of course, when our tablets and computers are operating the way they should, speed and efficiency is usually not a problem. As we all know, over time our computers tend to slow down and it can sometimes make getting even the simplest tasks completed a big hassle.

Slow operations and delayed response to commands are not something that only older computers experience, it can happen to newer models too. If a machine is not properly maintained or a user does not know what to do to keep their computer operating at optimum levels, then it doesn’t take long to before you start noticing a big difference.

Malware and Spyware Use Valuable Resources

While this is often due to maintenance-related items that have not been completed, a slow computer may not be operating at peak performance because it is infected with a virus or some other type of malware. Spyware and various types of malware can become entrenched deep within a system’s core operating files. Many times, the malware is running processes and executing activities that are not visible to the user, which uses system resources and slows the machine down.

Besides just using system resources, malware can also damage the operating system of a computer and change all types of settings. Running additional processes, secretly adjusted settings and a damaged operating system will almost always result in a machine that is very slow and not operating anywhere near what it should be.

These types of problems are not easy to diagnose. Obviously malware and spyware can remain hidden and with the ability to change settings, they can even make certain processes run while remaining hidden. It can also sometimes be difficult to determine if a particular maintenance item has made a difference in a positive or negative way. The positive effects of some maintenance tasks are a little more subtle and more noticeable on a long term basis versus an immediate increase or decrease in performance.

Of course, the “X factor” with trying to fix a slow computer is if you are not 100% certain about what you are doing, you might just make the problem worse. Some maintenance items such as cleaning or repairing the registry of a machine can be very dangerous and if it is not done exactly right, it may cripple the system. It is always important to know exactly what you are looking at before making any adjustments within the registry or system files. It only takes one small click to effectively kill your computer.

However, there are some other things you can do that have less risk than making changes to the registry. Part of what helps a computer run efficiently is plenty of memory. If a system is filled with photos, videos, music, old files, old downloads, update files from years ago and other random data that you do not need, it could be slowing your machine down.

Maintenance and Memory Can Effect PC Performance

It is always important to check the hard disk and find out how much total storage capacity it has and how much space you are using. Many computers have built-in programs that will show exactly what types of files are on the system and how much space they are using. If you are over 60% of your capacity then you still have plenty of room left, but this is typically around the area when performance begins to become affected.

Using an online backup system or moving files to a portable hard drive to get them off of your hard disk is highly recommended. Not only does this help keep the speed and the performance of the computer at higher levels, it also creates less overall wear and tear on the machine. This will result in the computer lasting for a longer period of time and operating at higher levels for a long period of time.

You may also be running too many too many programs at start up or have software that is incorrectly configured. Checking what programs you have installed on your machine and if they are automatically running each time you start the computer is a good way to find programs you may no longer need. A word of caution, if you begin deleting programs and you are not 100% sure that they are not connected to important parts of the system, it could lead to big trouble.

Professional Remote PC Support

Some programs have a name that may not be recognizable to you, but they actually play an important role for a larger program or part of the operating system. Keep in mind that a computer has many programs and processes running in the background and many of them are vital for proper operation.

If you are not a techno wizard and have issues with a slow computer, let our remote computer support professionals help you fix the problem. Our tech support services are designed for individuals and we always strive to offer you the most affordable pricing and the highest quality service. Our staff is trained in all types of computer support, performance and security issues. We are always glad to help and save our customers from what can be many frustrating hours of trial and error trying to fix a computer on your own.