Searching for Help to “Speed Up My Computer”


If you have ever typed “how to speed up my computer” into Google search then you know there is no shortage of programs or advice about how to fix a slow running desktop or laptop computer. Of course, some of the information is good and will actually help you but other information is simply meant to market a certain product like a registry cleaner or antivirus program. Making things even more complicated, computers come in a wide variety of configurations with different types of operating systems and software. This means what may work for one will not work for another. Maintaining and operating a desktop or laptop computer has become much more complex than it was several years ago. As the capabilities of computers has grown, right along with it so has our dependence on them to perform many daily activities.

While they do make our lives more convenient and efficient, it also means if we want our computers to stay in good operating condition then we need to know a little about how they work and how they should be maintained. Additionally, there are important steps to ensure your computer stays safe from dangerous programs that can present a security risk.

Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Available Memory and Storage

Each device has a hard disk with a certain amount of memory. As you add to the amount of files stored on a machine, it will begin to slow down your computer over time. If your computer you have used over 50% of the available space on your hard drive then you will begin to experience slower operating speeds and your computer may be slower to react to commands. If you have over 75% of the available space already used then it is probably significantly affecting your speed and you will want to look for alternative ways to store data.

You can use USB sticks, portable hard drives, purchase a larger hard drive or use a cloud storage service to store data and expand the amount of storage capacity you have. By removing data from your existing hard drive and keeping the percentage of space used under 50%, it should allow you to operate your computer without an effect on the speed of the machine.

However, there are several elements you should be aware of before you start storing data on external devices or using a cloud storage system. There are many choices to make when utilizing these options and your decisions will affect both the security of your data and how much it ultimately will cost you for data storage. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages so you should be careful to review each and find the one that fits your needs the best.

Malicious Software

If you have searched for a way to “speed up my computer” but became a little overwhelmed by the amount of information then a good place to start is with malicious software. This is because infection from a virus or spyware is the leading cause of a computer that is running slowly and not operating at full capacity. If your machine is running slower than normal, then chances are relatively high it might be infected.

Even if you’re existing antivirus software has not alerted you to a problem that does not necessarily mean your computer is free of malware infections. You may have to use other available software, troubleshooting methods and some manual review in order to be sure your machine is completely clean.

Keep in mind, there are many different types of infections and it can take different types of software to find and remove each. Rootkits, spyware, virus programs, spyware and malware programs come in a wide variety of forms. You may even need a professional technician to review your machine.

Incompatible Programs

Another common cause of slow running computers is the use of programs that are not compatible. This is very common when using a combination of antivirus and security software. Security software is very sensitive to other types of security products on a machine and if they are not compatible then it can greatly affect the performance of our desktop or laptop. However, this can happen with other programs as well.

Anytime you have a program that interacts with other software and finds an incompatibility, it will create errors within the program and result in the program using a high level of system resources. If the program does not have an internal diagnosis and fix program then it may fall into a cycle of repeated errors.

When you download and install third-party software or any software it is important to read the small details and think about what other programs you have on your computer and if they are compatible. If you have a question then it is important you take the time to do research and find out a solid answer before installing the program.

Not enough available memory, incompatible programs and spyware or virus issues are just a few of the problems you will see when you search “speed up my computer” in Google. However, if you are experiencing slow computer speeds these are a few of the top reasons that your performance might be limited. Of course, there are a number of ways to solve the problem and many times it takes a trained technician to review the situation and find a fix without damaging your machine. If you need help with a slow running computer or you have another computer problem then our remote tech support service is always available. We offer skilled technicians, affordable rates and we designed our service specifically to help individual users that need quality computer support.