Windows Live Messenger & Live Mail

Everyone has a favorite email program, chat software, messenger service or some type of desktop client that facilitates these types of communication services. For many PC users, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail are the preferred applications for a large portion of users communication needs on a daily basis.

Windows Live Mail Help and Windows Live Messenger

Live Messenger and Live Mail used to come as part of the Windows Live Essentials package, which was a package that combined multiple software programs that offered multimedia functionality such as Windows Movie Maker, Live Mail, Live Messenger Service and many others. The Live Essentials Package is still available for download depending on what version of Windows you have, but as time goes on you may begin to experience issues from time to time. In fact, Microsoft already shut down Live Messenger and blocked most of the users from using the service.

They are trying to move Live Messenger customers over to Skype. Apparently, there is a temporary “patch” that allows you to still use Messenger, but there is no doubt its days are numbered.

With the introduction of Windows 10 earlier this year, Microsoft appears to be positioning themselves for significant changes in how their PC’s and lineup of software programs operate. While Live Mail and Live Messenger are still very popular, I would imagine in the next couple of years they will ultimately be phased out completely or the Windows operating system will have changed so drastically it won’t be practical to use those programs anymore.

However, for the near-term if Windows Live Mail is your favorite communication program then you should be able to keep on plugging along just fine. With all the changes mentioned above such as the introduction of Windows 10 and the new direction for their software platforms, you should probably prepare yourself to handle a greater number of Windows Live Mail help issues on your own, though.

New versions of operating systems like Windows 10 almost always mark a point in time when a manufacturer has decided to take steps forward in a new direction. Sooner or later users will have to give up their beloved software favorites and learn how to operate new software choices.

Learning a bit more about common issues of the Windows Live Mail program may come in handy down the road. With limited support and more of Microsoft’s efforts focused on new product development it may become difficult to find reliable Windows Live Mail Help. Even if you don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs of the program, even a basic understanding of what potential problems may occur will help you diagnose and fix future issues more efficiently.

Common Windows Live Mail Errors & Problems

E-mail Errors

Although a specific reason has not yet been identified, and there may be more than one reason, Windows Live Mail seems to have recurring problems on some machines with connecting to the Live Mail server. From time to time, you will notice the program running a check for new mail and updating its status. If something interrupts the program such as a new email with a very large attachment, then many times it will freeze up and cease functioning.

You may not be able to avoid this issue 100% but ensuring that the setting for your PC and the Windows Live Mail program are set for optimum performance can help. Additionally, you will want to ensure that your internet connection settings are properly configured both for your PC in general and within the Windows Live Mail program.

Shut down Errors-Windows Live Mail

There have been frequent reports about Live Mail suddenly shutting down without users initiating a command. This can be a very difficult problem to solve as the source of the issue can be a wide range of items. If your PC is infected with a virus or some type of malware, it could be attacking the email program and shutting it down prematurely. Malware and virus infections often limit the functionality of certain programs and have a negative impact on overall system performance. 

If your PC is free from virus infections, then the problem could be within your registry files or Windows Live Mail itself. It can sometimes be helpful to look at the Windows Event Viewer where all the system logs are filed. Depending on how you have your system settings, you may be able to find a log that offers at least some type of information about the error causing Live Mail to close.