Effective and Affordable Remote XP Repair Service and Support

It might be difficult for many people to believe, but according to a report earlier this year by Net Applications and StatCounter over 250 million individuals around the world are still using Windows XP. In fact, four versions of the Windows operating system have been developed, refined and brought to market since XP was considered the current Windows OS. Even if you prefer Apple products or have become immersed in the constantly evolving world of Linux, you have to recognize the significant popularity of Windows and respect its relatively amazing track record of successful products.

Windows Vista certainly had problems and was by almost all measures a failure. However, every other OS Microsoft has brought to market over the last 20 years at least has been stable, offered good performance and most users found them easy to use. Looking at Microsoft’s run of success with the Windows OS and right along with it the equal or perhaps even greater success of Microsoft Office and it is easy to understand why Microsoft has such a firm grip on a huge share of the market.

250 Million Users Still Need Dependable XP Repair Service

While their success has been impressive, Windows XP does stand out as one of the best all-around operating systems to ever be introduced to the market. There are very few pieces of software that measure up to the overall quality, functionality and ease of use that XP provided users, and still provides for that matter. Of course, every OS no matter how amazing it is requires support, and obviously with 250 million users still actively using XP there is still a strong need for reliable XP repair services. There are many reasons to like Windows XP and it is understandable that many users want to stay with the program as long as they can. Sometimes the thought of learning a new operating system is bad enough; actually having to do it can be time-consuming and frustrating. Additionally, XP offered users an operating system that had a very low frequency of errors and once comfortable with the general layout it was easy to become comfortable with the system quickly.

Advantages of Windows XP


A very important factor in a successful operating system is stability. It is important that users experience very little in the way of major errors and failures. Major failures that cause users to lose data and prevent their computers from functioning normally will almost instantly motivate them to try a different brand. Users are relatively resilient when it comes to minor problems, but data loss and computer failure will ruin the reputation of an OS faster than almost anything else.

XP is perhaps the best example of operating system stability in the last 20 years. In the grand scheme of things, very few users experienced major failures with XP and the software proved to offer stability over long periods as well. When a user can wake up every day for five or six years straight, push the power button on their PC and XP boots up without fail that goes a long way in creating a reputation of stability.

Low Frequency of Errors

Be it major or minor issues, when compared to other versions of Windows and operating systems of other manufacturers, Windows XP has one of the lowest rates of error on a per hour of operation basis of any system on the market. With any technology related product, if users avoid headaches, then you are more than halfway home to a great overall user experience.

Easy to Learn and Navigate

Windows XP is a relatively simple OS and does not overwhelm users with lots of flashy buttons and complex functions. This aspect of XP was obviously well liked by users as they found it easy to learn and simple to navigate to different areas of the system. The layout is easy enough that after you spend more than 15 minutes wandering around the system a bit, you will have a good idea where about 90% of the controls are located.

Balance of Accessibility and Security

Microsoft got the balance of the system being easy to access and control while also providing dependable security exactly right for XP. It offered enough customization to satisfy users who were a bit more advanced but was easily accessible to new users without them having to jump through security hoops.

Still Going Strong but It’s Time for a Change

XP is still going strong for now, but if you are still using it as your main OS then it is time to start thinking about making a change. XP is no longer supported by Microsoft which means it is no longer receiving updates and this will begin to decrease performance and increase the amount of errors in the near future. Even more important than that, XP is no longer receiving security updates either, which leaves you vulnerable to a long list of risks.

If you are hesitant to move to a new system and not sure which one might be a good option for you, perhaps we can help. We offer remote XP repair service and remote computer help to individual users that have all types of different technology-related issues. Our team of professional computer technicians is very knowledgeable about Windows XP; all the newer versions of Windows as well as non-Windows based operating systems you may want to consider.

We designed our service to be affordable, reliable and easy for average PC users just like you. We can help with a wide range of support issues such as helping you learn a new system, general advice and information about your choices as well as diagnosing and repairing errors.